Workplace Giving

A Workplace Giving program with matching support from your organisation is one of the most effective ways to donate.

Workplace Giving is simple – employees support NeuRA through their payroll, with many benefits to both the individual and their employer.

Benefits to individuals

  • Donations are tax deductible from employee income, meaning that the tax benefit is immediate
  • Gives the donor confidence that each donation is maximised (as the amount given is pre-tax dollars)
  • Employers have a complete record of donations for the financial year
  • It’s easy to start, stop or change the amount of donations at any time, as it is controlled by the employee in conjunction with their payroll department

Benefits to employers

  • Can increase the company’s profile and reputation externally to the wider community it works within
  • Raises staff morale internally knowing that the company takes its corporate social responsibility seriously
  • The workplace giving scheme is easy for payroll to administer, and can be used to monitor the level of charitable giving the company is achieving
  • Provides an opportunity for the company to match employee giving,  demonstrating to staff that their interests are also supported by the organisation they work for

To start a Workplace Giving program, or find out more about it, please contact the NeuRA Foundation on 1330 888 019, or via email.