Transurban Road Safety Centre

The Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA seeks to alleviate the significant impact of death and injury on our roads. It combines world-class research with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to provide a source of ongoing innovation in the area of road safety research.

The launch of the Transurban Road Safety Centre for research at NeuRA is an excellent example of the opportunities and benefits of partnerships bringing business investment, government support and medical scientific research together to benefit communities to drive research to better understand how to make roads safer, protect passengers from injury, and ultimately save more lives.

Transurban, who manage and develop urban toll road networks in Australia and the United States of America, provide smarter, faster and safer ways for people to travel in and around cities. They have demonstrated their commitment to safety and reducing our unacceptable road toll through their partnership with NeuRA to establish the Transurban Road Safety Centre.

“Transurban is committed to strengthening communities through transport and safety, this is always our highest priority, delivering these benefits to our customers – therefore this partnership is a great fit for our organisation,” Mr Andrew Head, Group General Head NSW – Transurban

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