NeuRA Tough Mudder

We’re often asked what new challenges we have for you to raise vital funds and create memories.  Well, we are so excited to tell you that we have joined the Tough Mudder Charity Family, and by raising vital funds for us, you can run for FREE. Yes you heard it, free.

Tough Mudder is an epic 10-12 mile (18-20 km) mud obstacle course, that promotes teamwork and camaraderie and will give you the most amazing story to tell everyone you meet.  Not many people can say they have overcome ice baths and 10,000 volts of electricity to finish with adrenalin flowing through every vein.  That story is powerful, and it is yours to tell along with the amazing impact you made to our work at NeuRA.

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We have places on our team to give away for 2016 Tough Mudder events in Australia and we’d love you to get involved and fundraise for us.

Are you ready to create Tough Mudder memories? Get in touch here to secure your place on our team or call 1300 888 019 to discuss.