Corporate event participation

Your organisation can support NeuRA by having your employees engaged to raise funds through events around Australia.
You could get a team together to run in a community event, or even hold your own event at your place of work.

Collectively raising funds for vital medical research can be fun and involve lots of your company employees.


IMG_2442Accounting Firm PKF Lawler Tamworth and Walcha, NSW ran the City2Surf in support of motor neurone disease (MND) research at NeuRA. Evan Brownsmith was their team leader.

“We cannot directly improve the lives of MND sufferers, nor can we make it easier on their families. We cannot hope to cure this terrible disease ourselves, but we know that our contribution to NeuRA will help the very people who just might. Perhaps more importantly, through demonstrating a willingness to ‘give it a go’, we are setting a great example to the community of Tamworth. We want to show that it’s important to get out there and have a crack, not because we should, but because we still can” 



If you have any questions or would like to run your idea past a NeuRA Foundation staff member please call 1300 888 019 or email.