Welcome to the 2018 Bowling for Better Balance

In April 2018 Lawn Bowls NSW will partner with Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) to promote Bowling for Better Balance.

Research has proven the greatest change to the pattern of healthy ageing comes from a fall.

Research has also shown these falls ARE preventable with proper exercise training as we age and strive to maintain mobility and good balance.

At NeuRA we have developed a number of programs to help prevent falls amongst older Australians. These programs offer simple yet effective strategies that people can do at home to improve mobility, stability and to rehabilitate after a fall – for this research to continue vital funds are needed.

Lawn Bowls NSW supports its members’ health and encourages all clubs to join Bowling for Better Balance.

The structure of the event has been designed to minimise administrative demands on clubs and individuals.


  • Clubs receive email for online registration – see form below (no entry fee)
  • Choose a day in April to run Bowling for Better Balance
January – March
  • NeuRA provide promotional material to registered clubs
  • Clubs promote the event to its members
  • On chosen day Clubs host Bowling for Better Balance and donate ‘comp of the day’ fees to support falls prevention research at NeuRA
  • Individual players will be given the opportunity to make their own donations

(all donations over $2 are tax deductible)

May – June
  • After the event details of club and individuals are sent to NeuRA in provided envelopes and will be receipted by NeuRA for tax purposes
  • Each club will receive a letter from NeuRA CEO and certificate of appreciation












How do I register for the 2018 Bowling for Better Balance?

  • Fill in the online registration form below
  • Email to register your interest

How do I fundraise for the 2018 Bowling for Better Balance?

There is no entry fee – we are relying on the support and generosity of bowls clubs and players to use this event to raise funds and make a donation to support falls prevention research at NeuRA.

Can I help promote the 2018 Bowling for Better Balance?

We encourage you to tell your local newspaper, radio station or television network about the great event your bowls club is hosting in support of falls prevention research. Download our tips on speaking to the media.

If I have questions what do I do?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a NeuRA Foundation staff member please call 02 9399 1093 or email.

More Information about the Falls Prevention Centre

The Falls Prevention Centre of NeuRA will be pioneering this great initiative, learn more about them from the video below

2018 Bowling for Better Balance Registration Form

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