By age 85, one in three Australians will have dementia.

Australians are living longer than before. But while our bodies might be staying healthy, our brains are not.  Neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise and one in three Australians now have dementia at age 85.

With no way of preventing, treating or curing it, dementia is set to overtake heart disease as a leading cause of death in Australia in less than 30 years.

Researchers around the world are working tirelessly to find a breakthrough with the help of NeuRA’s Sydney Brain Bank, but time is running out.

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Despite their prevalence, we still know relatively little about the causes of neurodegenerative diseases. This means we don’t know when or who they will strike – or how to prevent them.’

But NeuRA’s research team is working around the clock to find out. Their work is powered by the Sydney Brain Bank.

The Sydney Brain Bank is a biobanking facility that collects, characterises, stores and distributes human brain and spinal cord tissue. With over 700 brains from donors with neurological disorders like Alzheimers, Lewy body disease, motor neurone disease and more, it’s an essential resource for researchers all over the world.

But with fewer brain banks remaining, the ability for researchers to understand conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease is threatened. The Sydney Brain Bank’s director, Dr Claire Shepherd explains.

“Neurodegenerative disorders are on the rise with our ageing population. We have no effective treatments for them, and we don’t know how to prevent them. So, we need these human tissues – the tissue that the disease actually occurs in – to be able to study what goes wrong in that disease process.”

It costs $600,000 a year to keep the Brain Bank running, and each brain costs around $10,000 to collect, characterise and preserve. NeuRA relies heavily on Government and philanthropic grants, and donations from the public to keep it operating.

The Sydney Brain Bank is the one bank that’s always open, with a dedicated team of researchers working around the clock doing the time-sensitive work of preserving and dispersing tissue samples. Without it, medical researchers around the world would be deprived of opportunities to learn how to prevent, treat and maybe even cure these devastating diseases. Your generous gift gives families hope.

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